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CD30-positive cutaneous lymphoma: report of four cases with an emphasis on clinicopathological correlations.

junho 9, 2017

Autores: Vargas TJ1, Jorge SB1, Gonzaga YB1,2 Abstract: The classification of cutaneous lymphomas is multidisciplinary and requires the correlation between clinical, histopathological, immunohistochemical, and molecular diagnostic elements. In this article, we present four different cases of CD30-positive T-cell lymphoma with cutaneous manifestations. We compare cases with definitive diagnosis of papulosis lymphomatoid type C, primary cutaneous … Continue lendo

Linear IgA and IgG bullous dermatosis.

junho 9, 2017

Autores: Fernandes KA1, Galvis KH1, Gomes AC1, Nogueira OM1, Felix PA1,2, Vargas TJ3. Abstract: Childhood linear immunoglobulin A dermatosis is a rare autoimmune vesiculobullous disease. It results in linear deposition of autoantibodies (immunoglobulin A) against antigens in the basal membrane zone, leading to subepidermal cleavage. Additional depositions of immunoglobulin G and complement-3 might occur. It … Continue lendo

Paradoxical psoriasis after the use of anti-TNF in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis.

junho 9, 2017

Autores: Vasconcellos JB1, Pereira DD1, Vargas TJ2, Levy RA1, Pinheiro GD1, Cursi ÍB1. Abstract: The use of tumor necrosis factor antagonists (anti-TNF) has become a usual practice to treat various inflammatory diseases. Although indicated for the treatment of psoriasis, anti-TNF may paradoxically trigger a psoriasiform condition. We present a case of a female patient who, during … Continue lendo

Prurigo Pigmentosa-Report of 3 Cases From Brazil and Literature Review.

fevereiro 23, 2017

Autores: de Sousa Vargas TJ1, Abreu Raposo CM, Lima RB, Sampaio AL, Bordin AB, Jeunon Sousa MA. Abstract: Prurigo pigmentosa (PP) is a rare inflammatory disease of the skin of uncertain etiology first reported in Japan. It is typified by recurrent eruptions of itching urticarial macules, papules, vesicopapules, and plaques with a reticular arrangement that quickly resolve leaving a net-like pigmentation. The disease … Continue lendo

Type 2 leprosy reaction with Sweet’s syndrome-like presentation.

setembro 20, 2016

Autores: Chiaratti FC1, Daxbacher EL1, Neumann AB1, Jeunon T1 1Hospital Federal de Bonsucesso (HFB) – Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil Leprosy is a chronic disease characterized by manifestations in the peripheral nerves and skin. The course of the disease may be interrupted by acute phenomena called reactions. This article reports a peculiar case of type 2 … Continue lendo

Cutaneous involvement by cytomegalovirus in a renal transplant recipient as an indicator of severe systemic infection

abril 4, 2016

Autores: Neumann AB1, Daxbacher EL1, Chiaratti FC1, Jeunon T1. 1Hospital Federal de Bonsucesso, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. Cytomegalovirus is an opportunistic virus that commonly affects immunosuppressed patients. Cutaneous involvement by this virus is rare and occurs in significantly immunocompromised hosts, with a poor prognosis. Skin ulcers may represent the first sign of systemic infection … Continue lendo

Perineurioma esclerosante: relato de caso e revisão da literatura – Revista Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia

dezembro 16, 2015

O perineurioma esclerosante é uma neoplasia benigna rara,constituída exclusivamente por células com diferenciação perineural, dispersas em meio a estroma fibroso denso. Acomete preferencialmente a pele dos quirodáctilos e das regiões palmares e se apresenta como pápula ou nódulo firme, normocrômico e assintomático. Apresentamos um caso de perineurioma esclerosante localizado na região palmar esquerda de uma … Continue lendo

Hidradenite supurativa tratada com infliximabe – Revista Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia

dezembro 16, 2015

A hidradenite supurativa é doença inflamatória de difícil tratamento. Recentemente, a terapia anti-TNF alfa, com anticorpos monoclonais (“terapia biológica”), tem sido apontada como uma alternativa. No entanto, ensaios clínicos avaliando a eficácia destas drogas na hidradenite supurativa, ainda não foram publicados. Apresentamos um caso no qual o uso do infliximabe não resultou em melhora clínica … Continue lendo